Karl's Corner - 04/27/2005

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04/27/05 MB '05 Tour: Day 3: Seattle - Moore Theater

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...In my opinion, the band was tighter and more solid this show. Opening night jitters may be wearing off a bit. The Moore Theater really crams the people in, its very intimate for a theater, and the people were pretty nutzo as predicted...

Bobby (guitar tech+back-up guitar on several songs) was heard to comment mid-show that this was one of the best shows he's heard, and Bobby had heard a hell of a lot of shows in his day!


Tired Of Sex
In The Garage
Hash Pipe
No One Else
This Is Such A Pity
Buddy Holly
Hold Me
Say It Ain't So
We Are All On Drugs
Island In The Sun
My Name Is Jonas
Beverly Hills
Haunt You Every Day
The Good Life

Right before the show, when we were bringing Pat in to warm up his drumstick hands, a blinged out "Make Believe-mobile" drove up from out of nowhere in front of the Moore Theatre! There was no time for questions! We had time for a few quick photos and it was in to do the show.

Add your comment on the show if you were there! (or even if you weren't!)

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