Karl's Corner - 05/31/2012

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2012/05/31 Show Day: Uncasville, CT: Mohegan Sun Arena

Well here we are! Team Weezer has reassembled in Eastern Connecticut at the rather gigantic and somewhat extravagantly appointed Mohegan Sun Casino for a night of rock - AND roll. Tonight is the first weezer show since the Cruise back in January (was it really over 4 months ago already? how is that?), and theres some changes to note, mainly that Josh Freese is not with us on drum duties. Thats right, weezer is back to a 4 piece this summer. Rehearsals in the old-is-new-again format went well, and according to Pat, it sounds "thick and meaty". So head on down to the buffet for some Mohegan Stew, and then over to the Arena for some Weezer Stew, and compare your results. We think youll prefer Weezer Stew.

***please note the set times have been moved earlier: Sleeper Agent 7:45, Weezer 9 PM***

...Mohegan Sun attendees: heres what *not* to do!