Karl's Corner - 06/06/2012

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2012/06/06 Show Day: Los Angeles: The Roxy (Benefit Show) | Buffalo! | Baltimore | More more

photo courtesy Cherrie

Today Weezer played a special school benefit show at the Roxy to an audience of friends/family/school peeps, plus a small amount of lucky weezer fans who managed to grab the few available public tickets. If you were there, please post comments and pix!

...After an 11 year absence, we are playing BUFFALO, NY on July 13! Outdoor festival type show at Buffalo Place Rocks The Harbor, at the naval park underneath the Skyway downtown! Check our online store page for the presale ticket link.

...Heres a promo video for the 9/15 Baltimore Charm City Music Festival show, for which the public onsale starts tomorrow!

...Cool Scott interview with Disney Dads.

...Rolling Stone Interview with Pat about his new release "Natural" by The Special Goodness.

...Justin Hoenke's review of The Special Goodness's new album "Natural".