Karl's Corner - 06/10/2012

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2012/06/10 Show Day: Cedar Rapids, IA: Downtown: Rockin The Rapids

Today weezer played a outdoor festival in downtown Cedar Rapids, the Rockin The Rapids Music Festival. We followed several other bands including Tonic, Fuel, Filter and Chevelle (they seemed to have a muscle car theme going on today, up till when weezer took the stage). It was a hot and windy day with the streets blocked off, lotsa port a potties in rows, barbeque huts, tents, folding chairs, drunk people getting rowdy, a PTSD meltdown or two, and a generally disorganized and unruly feel prevailing throughout the afternoon. Things seemed to settle down a bit in time for weezer's set, when the crowd coalesced into a unified music frenzy, including shoulder riding bikini clad rock chicks, little kids freaking out, and one shoe wearing crowdsurfers, both male and female. The rock was strong today.