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07/07/02 hard drive blues

UPDATE! - the keep fishin' video is here! click here for the link!

Enlightenment Tour Day 2: Denver CO; Red Rocks

Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer
Second Stage: Loudermilk, Home Town Hero, Am Radio (at "Tulaggi's", in Boulder)

The last time weezer was at red rocks, they were opening for No Doubt in a monsoon thunderstorm that cut the set short and nearly killed them.

The equipment was damaged, everyone was soaked and freezing and the legend of what is often called the perfect natural outdoor venue was, to say the least, tarnished in Weezer's eyes.

Just about 5 years later the scene started much the same: a hot clear day in July, a breathtakingly beautiful location, a long line of concert goers snaking down the mountain side waiting to get in, and a bit of shortness of breath from the high altitude. Some nervous jokes were going around that the forcast called for rain that night, apparently a running gag at Red Rocks that those with mememories of '97 didn't find very funny.

But as the afternoon crept on, the 6500+ people poured in, and finally as Sparta hit the stage, a collective sigh of relief was had, as the stars came out proving that no nasty storm cells were on the way. Now this was what a concert at Red Rocks is all about!

...the first batch of Denver fans' show reports that came in via email...

  • "...just got back from the show at the rocks, and boy was it amazing! It was the fith time I've seen weezer and it was a great show. ....Sparta played an alright set, but their last two songs really rocked! Dashboard was ok. They're not really my favorite group. But "again I go unoticed", was done really well. So, weezer! we waited about 50 minutes after dashboard, and the guys took the stage. They played a really good show. Throughout the whole performance the crowd was really psyched. To see all those lighters during one song was truly beautiful. And it was totally awesome when we saw pat lift up on the "W". Tucker and I had been trying to figure out where it was. Cause it has to be there. and it was really rockin! Hey! We even saw [karl] a couple times during the show! and that one guy who one the auction for 9.33. So, all in all a really good show. And if I could change one thing, I'd have um' play only in dreams, in the garage, or say it aint so. Sincerely the guy who kept screaming, "play possibilities!"..." ---Josh from Littleton
  • :"...What can I say? woooooooow! This was my 1st =w= show ever! Front row center, baby! Sparta was incredible, I can't wait 'till they get big, and Dashboard Confessional was great, too! However, duh, Weez was the greatest! I asked (shouted, really) Pat for some water, and he threw it to me! I didn't get to catch it, but he threw it to me! Pat, you're the coolest! (I also caught him riding his bike around before the show) Scott was awesome, kept throwing pics to the audience! Brian rocked, but had a lot of technical difficulties....(to quote Rivers, "This is supposed to be a PROFFESSIONAL rock show!") And of course, Rivers was awesome. At the end I snagged one of Rivers' pics and I traded it with a new friend for a setlist! Rock on Weezer, you just made my life worth living!(and yes, I wore my Karl's Kid's tag)" ---*Sugarbumkin*
  • "...it sooooo rocked!! This was my first concert, 5 days before my 18th birthday and I survived. Crazy cool fans, beer and ciggies everywhere, awesome music and showmanship, and even a drunk puking guy. This whole show I'll remember as it made me a true Weezer fan. Sparta I thought was great, being the first time I hear them. I like their sound. Dashboard Confessional was good as well, except when their lead man broke out the acoustic like right after a hard rockin song. it didn't work for me. A bit of a wait for Rivers & Co., but Hell, man, it was worth the wait. Being in the 4th row on Brian's side of the stage was awesome (I love his hair). The set list was freakin awesome. Something from every album. I was real glad they did some from "Pinkerton", like 'The Good Life'. I loved it when Rivers said that it wasn't such a good life then. More of a mediocre one. But it's all good. The way they did little intros to each song was great too. I sang myself hoarse to each song, along with all the other fans. Dancing with cool groovy chicks and jamming was excellent. And kudos to all the guys for their showmanship. They are performers of the highest order. Scott was so cool being all buddy with the fans and giving out guitar pics, Brian with his own style groovin, Rivers with his awesome jamming and excellent suit and who can forget Pat, drummin his heart out and his platform being lifted to reveal the "=w=" (I was so glad it came out). I wondered how the guys handled the heat from the flames as I could even feel all of it. Anyways, all musicians are right when they say Red Rocks is an excellent venue. Great acoustics. Rock on Rivers, Brian, Scott and Pat. i love you guys so much!! Rock on and keep making great tunes to share with everyone. Come back to red Rocks and Colorado again. We love you here! Keep on truckin' fellahs. Great seein ya!" ---rob A.
  • "...hey Karl!!! i Just got back from the Concert in Colorado up at the Red Rocks, and all i have to say is...that is the best ****** =w=eezer concert i have ever been to. and i have been to their last 4. I am a bigger weezer fan now then i ever waz!!!! i even got myself a Weezer thong!( my boyfriend loves weezer too)" ---Phoebe
  • "...I just got home from the show at Red Rocks in Colorado and my throat is absolutely killing me. The music was incredible, but I really was disappointed by the venue. The steps made it nearly impossible to jump/mosh/what have you and the security was super mean. Sparta was pretty good, but the sounds quality was kinda crappy and the vox were really hard to make out. Dashboard was excellent. No complaints there. As usual, I went nuts when Weezer finally hit the stage. I wasn't so sure about the whole "random set list" thing, but it turned out to be killer. Considering I've been to five Weezer shows in the last year and have heard only one song from Pinkerton, I was totally stoked to hear "Why Bother" and "The Good Life". "Death and Destruction" was another highlight of the show...mostly since I could totally relate (i called the guy I was supposed to go to the show with this morning, and he ditched me) *sniff sniff* oh well...his loss! I don't wanna describe the show in complete detail so I'll just say it was absolutely amazing and I still haven't come down the from the natural high I get from Weezer. I can't get Rivers' voice outta my head saying "ah, my good little Creed fans"....he's such a nut. I was also totally stoked to see Karl walking up the big ramp that leads up to the amphitheater before the show...but I think I was the only one that recognized him. I really really wanted to talk to him, but I didn't wanna interupt whatever he was doing. Anyway, to sum up tonight's show in a few simple words....Weezer equals Rock Music!!!!" ---Danah M.
  • "...I just got back from the Colorado show. I only have to say one thing, that was my 10th weezer show and they will always rule all." ---COLE
  • "...The show today was amazing in every way I can imagine. Sparta opened and sounded similiar to the Strokes, but thery were refreshing and different. Dashboard's Chris was full of life and the songs were even better than I remember (though they didn't play "The Best Deceptions" which let me down a lot); the drummer was absolute craziness with his 22 inch bass drum and the pianist/guitarist was cool too. Weezer. Well, that's really all I have to say! The lights, the band, and the audience far surpassed any Weezer concert, or any concert I've ever seen for that matter. Rivers actually talked to the audience, showing his sense of humor, which I've never seen before. They played well and the flaming =w= was pretty damn cool too. I only wished they played "el scorcho" with their encore of "hash pipe", which rocked by the way. The harmonies were wonderful, the energy was up, and I am fully satisfied in the music Weezer provides. Thank you boys" ---Carrie Nyman, Colorado Springs, CO
  • "...I just got back from the concert at Red Rocks in Colorado. I have never been to Red Rocks and wanted to go, so the fact that I got to go and see my favorite band was great. It was an amazing place to see them. Other then a few small glitches, Weezer set went great. Rivers was really feeding off of the audience and said some great stuff. And the =W= sign, that was so cool! I loved the random set list and not knowing what was going to be played next and I'm glad to see that the intro is still there, it rocks! Thanks for putting on a great show, I was blown away!" ---~Ashley
  • "...I don't know if you're taking reports for the Denver show yet, but I went tonight and it rocked. Great sound, great venue - Red Rocks is the coolest place in the state to see a show. Seems like they ripped through all the faves at the beginning and then got off onto some new songs. The Hash Pipe encore was awesome, and it was very amusing to see Pat trying to hide behind the drum kit. Brian was having some troubles with his wireless unit and crapped out on a couple of songs, but Rivers' new sound with the Explorers is great. He is using a flanger on every lead part, which was definitely different and cool. And finally - the stunt with the drum riser at the end is grade A, Kiss style rock and roll at its best. I don't want to spoil it for everyone waiting to see the tour, but needless to say, don't leave early - like you were going to. For that matter, don't show up late either - Sparta rocks the house and are need to be seen - they're gonna be big!" ---Blake Reid, Boulder, CO
  • side stage: "...As far as the show at the alternate venue, I decided to ditch my friends, who went for some late night breakfast food, and drive up to Boulder for the show. I was pretty disappointed in the Weezer fans. I didn't expect the place to be packed, but I thought there would be a good crowed. Well, those that didn't go missed an awesome show. When I got there, Loudermilk already finished and Home Town Hero was a few songs into their set. They really rocked, though. Thier music is heavier, but it was stellar. Then after a break, AM Radio took the stage. I saw them in Colorado Springs during the dusty west tour, and it must have been quite a change going from a packed auditorium to a small, nearly empty venue. Anyway, I must have not payed attention at the Springs show, because they were extremely cool the second time around. Their music involved great riffs, great words, and a lead singer with an awesome voice. The lead singer was also pretty smashed and was picking up on a couple of girls at the show. They were pretty much the only two girls there, and I don't blame him because they were cute. So, in conclusion, I would suggest that everyone check outthese bands, whether they are at a side stage or an alternate venue. I'm sure they're putting a lot of effort into this tour along with the headliners. Plus, they rock!" ---Chris

Keep Fishin' report:
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