Karl's Corner - 07/14/2012

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2012/07/14 Show: Cincinatti, OH: Bunbury Music Festival

Today we are down at Sawyer Point, Yeatman's Cove in Cincinnati, Ohio, basking in the occasional rain and soaking up the vibes of many many bands. This is the second day of the 3 day Bunbury festival, and Weezer is the last act of the night, on at 9:45. During the day, a lot of bands are playing including Gaslight Anthem, The Silent Comedy, Grouplove, RJD2, and Imagine Dragons. Last night Jane's Addiction played, and tomorrow, Death Cab finishes things off. Its been several years since we've been in this neck of the heartland woods, so everyone's looking forward to the rock. But really, we're always looking forward to the rock of course.