Karl's Corner - 07/25/2012

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2012/07/25 Australia & New Zealand On Sale 7/26

Hi Folks - just a re-cap to say the January '13 Australia and New Zealand shows go on sale to the general public this thursday, 7/26 at 9AM local times. All of these shows are going to be Blue Album Memories Shows, with a set of hits and rarities, followed by a narrated historical weezer slideshow by yours truly, followed by the Blue Album performed in its entirety.

TICKET LINKS (on sale 7/26 at 9AM local times)

Auckland: http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/Weezer-tickets/artist/766591
Brisbane: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=WEEZER13
Melbourne: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Weezer-tickets/artist/766591
Sydney: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Weezer-tickets/artist/766591
Perth: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=WEEZER13