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2009/07/22 Would You Go With Me

2009/07/22 Would You Go With Me

...greetings from Korea! The Weezer gang took off from Los Angeles about 12:30 PM on Tuesday July 21, flew 12 hours, landed in Tokyo about 4PM on Thursday July 22, had a 3 hour layover at Narita Airport, then got on another flight to Seoul, landing around 9PM Korea time, July 22. Then a 75 minute drive to the hotel, and total collapse into dreamless sleep. More to come...

...Some more info on the Guitar Center "Fresh Cuts Vol 4" CD, available at Guitar Center stores, from the press release: " The release, the fourth in an ongoing series, is part of Guitar Center’s GAIN Program, designed to give GC Employees an outlet for pursuing their music industry dreams. The disc features recordings by members of the GC family, hand-selected by none other than legendary alternative rock band Weezer from a pool of GC employee submissions. Weezer are also included on the CD themselves, via “Everybody Go Away” – an exclusive track only available on this compilation. 50,000 CDs will be available for free while supplies last at over 200 GC locations starting July 21, 2009. “Everybody Go Away” was recorded in 2000 during preproduction for 2001's Green Album. Fresh Cuts Volume 4 also features a track from Jason Cropper, former Weezer member and current Guitar Center Professional Account Manager. Weezer founding member Pat Wilson stated, “It’s fun to be on this compilation and to draw attention to the bands on it. Hopefully it will encourage people to grow musically and to enjoy the experience of playing together.” "

...Back in the early days of Weezer, fellow L.A. band Wax inspired the weez men with their super high energy shows, catchy tunes and tireless drive. The members of Weezer and Wax were buddies even before the two bands existed, and share a lot of history in the early 90's L.A. music scene meatgrinder. When Wax got a record deal and made a music video, it was truly inspiring - awesome given the tough odds of anybody getting anywhere in that scene. It was a real revelation to Weezer - maybe they too could get somewhere, they dared to hope. Wax went on to make 2 cool albums and toured relentlessly for several years, with videos played on Mtv. Weezer eventually got signed too, and always pointed to Wax for their source of inspiration to work hard and not give up.

Wax sadly called it quits in 1995, with members branching out into many other cool bands (as well as membership in Jackass for Loomis), but today Wax rises from the ashes, in the form of a reunion show and a special charity 7"! Check Out the Wax Myspace Page for info and music, including a special shout out from Rivers!

Check this out - from the press release: "Early pop-punk pioneers WAX reuniting after 14 years for Chicago's "Riot Fest '09" in October - announce the release of the band's first new songs since 1995. The band recently got together and decided to release a vinyl 7-Inch, Hangin' On, featuring four unreleased WAX songs that were originally intended for WAX's 1995 release, 13 Unlucky Numbers. The idea was inspired by Record Store Day, and all proceeds will be donated to UCP Wheels For Humanity, and will be released on SideOneDummy Records on August 4, 2009.

The "Riot Fest" will be on October 9th at The Metro in Chicago (hometown of 3/4 of the band). Dont miss this show - a rare chance to catch WAX, the true pioneers of the pop-punk sound in action!