Karl's Corner - 07/23/2009

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2009/07/23 In Search Of Intangible Cultural Asset

2009/07/23 In Search Of Intangible Cultural Asset

...Today was a busy day, starting with some fun time out and about on the busy streets of Seoul, where we got more than a little lost but the sights off the beaten trail were just as interesting as the big time stuff. And its fun trying to guess whether the guys on motorcycles and scooters are going to drive on the streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, or all three and against the lights to boot. We saw a giant fire billowing smoke into the Seoul sky, near the recently renewed Cheonggyecheon Stream urban greenspace. We never did find out what massive thing was on fire.

Later, there was a press junket in the hotel: a series of video and audiotaped interviews with the Korean press, including SBS TV News, MTV ‘Most Wanted’, M.Net ‘Pop Magazine’, NYLON, and Marie Claire. In addition, Rivers was presented with a very special guitar from James Kirk of Kraken Guitars, who custom designed the guitar with symbols and imagery from both the Korea Republic national football team (at Rivers' suggestion) as well as weezer into a unique guitar. Many thanks to James who is attending the Jisan Valley Festival and will see the guitar he designed in action on stage.

Then it was time for a rehearsal, to get the set fully dialed in for the upcoming shows. We took the super-van over to Sun Music Studio, a recording studio (no not the one in Memphis TN) that doubled as a rehearsal space for weezer's pre-show dialing in. It sounded sweet. Everybody was glad they could run through the set the night before the actual show, despite (or rather, to combat) jet lag issues.

After that it was off to a wonderful Korean B-B-Q dinner at a restaurant held open especially late for Weezer and the Korean label staff. Despite the midnight start time, everyone was in great spirits and the food and drink was awesome. Big thank yous to our new Korean friends!

Finally back to the hotel for some downtime. For tomorrow comes the rock!

...Weezer tribute band alert!

North Carolina's 'Destroy All Sweaters' is playing these shows:
Friday, July 24, at the Dive Bar in Raleigh, NC (free)
Thursday, July 30 at the Local 506 in Chapel Hll, NC ($6)
Saturday, August 8 at the Pour House in Raleigh, NC ($5)