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Karl's Corner - 10/01/2010 (b)

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2010/10/01 Las Vegas: The Mirage: Rolling Stone Mag Rock Star Weekend


...Today the Weez folk are gathering in Las Vegas to play an unusual show at the Mirage casino/hotel, as part of the Rolling Stone Mag's Rock Star Weekend package. This show was announced in RS mag several weeks back (the one with Mad Men on the cover), in a special article that caught up with the band as they prepared to release "Hurley". Tonight's show is apparently a fairly exclusive poolside affair, rather intimate in size and exclusive in style. No matter what it will be an interesting and fun time for sure, a unique experience thats probably only possible in Las Vegas...


Well, that was an odd one, but lots of fun. Turns out the Mirage has a series of outdoor pool areas, each one more secluded and exclusive than the last. The deepest layer is called "Bare" and its called that for a reason - normally its a topless 21+ pool! But tonight, the waitresses were covering up just enough to make the scene just 'bare'-ly family friendly. Also, they apparently put the stage directly over the actual pool, so it wasn't like anyone was swimming. But there was plenty of rocking going on. Weezer has a knack for stepping into the most un-weezer-ish environments and turning them around towards the path to weezness. Everything about this place was screaming exclusive nightclub, but the people got loose and goofy as the night went on, and Rivers kept everyone guessing by climbing all over the bars and sunbathing lounges, dumping buckets of ice on people and generally encouraging good healthy mayhem.

Tonight was the debut live performance by weezer of the "Hurley" track "Unspoken". Prior to the show, Rivers did a solo acoustic version of it for the Rolling Stone cameras, and you can watch that here.

The whole shebang was followed by an afterparty at a different Mirage club called Jet, which the guys paid a visit to after the show before jetting back to L.A. Thanks to Rolling Stone and the Mirage for a well done event and a fun night.

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards, tell your tale!

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