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Karl's Corner - 10/23/2010

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2010/10/23 opening Acts Revealed; Vail show; more


...Check out this thread on our message boards, where Rivers reveals the opening acts for the LA, NYC, and Boston Memories Tour shows!

...We have just added a show in Vail, Colorado, at the Snow Daze Festival on Sunday Dec 12! (note: this is a regular weezer show) (...as if such a thing existed! "regular" ...pfft!)

...Pre-order "Death To False metal" on iTunes here!

...Pre-Order Pinkerton Deluxe Edition on iTunes here.

...remember, courtesy Rivers' posts on the message boards, you can listen to the previously unreleased Pinkerton Deluxe track "Getting Up And Leaving" here, and "Blowin' My Stack", from "Death To False Metal", here!

...Weezer – "Death To False Metal" review here.

...Rivers is on this year's NME Cool List.

...Pat Wilson's profile and mini-interview on Seymour Duncan's website here. (Seymour Duncan makes the pickups in Pat's guitars).

...and dont forget our contest to 4 tickets to a private LA weezer show on 10/26!
Official contest rules: http://www.indoordirect.com/weezer