Karl's Corner - 11/10/2011

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2011/11/10 Rivers announces Pinkerton Diaries / Alone 3 Pre-order


Over on Rivers' site Riverscuomo.com, dont miss the news that The Pinkerton Diaries is at last ready for pre-order! The ordering page is there too of course, with a full description and photos that show all the book's amazing details, including various ordering packages that include special exclusive items. The 1st 500 orders also get an exclusive poster signed by Rivers! And of course The Pinkerton Diaries includes "Alone 3", Rivers' 3rd album of his old unreleased demo recordings. This one is especially cool in that it includes the remaining unreleased portion of his "Songs From The Black H***" demos, as well as "The Fulton Avenue Suite", a set of demos he recorded while he and I lived on Fulton Street in the San Fernando Valley in spring 1994, in an apartment with no furniture that was oddly unscathed by the nearby catastrophic Northridge Earthquake, which struck the day before we moved in there.

This is a very special book that was painstakingly put together with utmost care. Check it out...