Karl's Corner - 11/16/2011

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2011/11/16 More Weezer Cruise News


...with just 2 months to go, the seemingly impossible, mythical idea of a 16 band rock cruise with weezer is starting to sink in - its really happening folks, and you could be there! Now here's some additional updates about what we're planning for this amazing 4 days in the Gulf of Mexico. (Full info and schedule at www.theweezercruise.com).


Onboard Activity Update - more activities

Bingo with Gene and Dave from Ween
B-I-N-G-O! We're adding one more Bingo to the mix - and this time, Gene and Dave from Ween will be your hosts. Duke it out with your other shipmates and win some onboard credit to contribute to your Weezer Cruise Merchandise Store tab (or whatever else you want to spend it on, of course!).

Wine Tasting with The Nervous Wreckords
Did you ever wonder why the shape of the glass has such a subtle impact on the taste of wine? Or how a wine's boquet and taste are judged? Yeah, we didn't either. However, drinking wine while eating a bunch of cheese cubes with members of an awesome band is still fun, whether you're a novice or an expert. Come enjoy a flight of wine with The Nervous Wreckords!

Mixology with Sleeper Agent
We'll be throwing bottles and doing bartender tricks in no time! Come learn how to make some fancy mixes, and then make your own. Try to impress Sleeper Agent with your pouring skills! If your drink is voted the best, it may even be a featured drink on the ship for a day!

Weezer Team Trivia with Karl
Do you think you're the most knowledgable Weezer fan there is? Maybe you think you know more about Weezer than Weezer does? Well this is your one shot to prove yourself in front of a crowd of other fans willing to fight you for bragging rights. Join me, Karl, as I host Weezer Team Trivia!

Yacht Rock hosts the 80s Prom Party
Celebrate the 80s, Yacht Rock style! The guys from Yacht Rock Revue will be hosting the 80s Prom - so be prepared to party like it's 1989! This is where the crowning of the Prom King and Queen will take place, so don't miss the party!


People's Choice Theme Night

Each night of the cruise, we will have a fun theme for you to dress up for. They're not mandatory, but they are a ton of fun. Even if you don't participate, they make for some GREAT people watching! So far our themes are Ugly Sweater Night and 80's Prom Night. Today's Weezer Cruise email included a poll that everyone who recieved it is invited to vote on. The poll choices are for the third and final theme night for The Weezer Cruise, with all choices submitted by cruise-going fans. The choices cruise goers are voting on are:

Moustache Night
All Things Weezer Night (wear your favorite t-shirt, dress as your favorite band member or song reference)
Buddy Holly/Mary Tyler Moor Night
Pajama Party Night
Rep Your Roots Night (wear clothing representing where you're from)


Take advantage of our Referral Program!

The more referrals you have, the better your chances of seeing more Weezer!

That's right - you can see BOTH indoor Weezer shows on the cruise as part of our referral program! If you have friends that want to join you, now's the time to start convincing them to jump onboard!

Congrats to: Katie M.! You're our first referral winner!

Each month from now until the cruise, we'll pick a lucky cruiser to score two tickets to the show they aren't already in. All you need to do to enter is refer your friends to book a new cabin. We'll take all of the cabins with the referral box filled in and enter the referrers into the drawing each month. Keep in mind that each time you refer someone, you also get $100 onboard credit - so even if you don't win, you still kinda do.

Details and much more info over on www.theweezercruise.com, incl booking info, schedules of shows andd activities, FAQs and new upcoming info...