List of guest appearances by Weezer members

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This page attempts to catalogue all instances in which a member of Weezer appeared as a guest on a release/performance of another artist. The focus of this list is on guest appearances, and therefore excludes the work of Weezer's most closely-associated side-projects, including The Rentals, Space Twins, The Special Goodness, The Relationship, and Karlophone. For the inverse page to this list, see List of artists who have sat in with Weezer.

Artist Collaboration Date Recording/Video (if avail.) Photo (if avail.)
BABY YAGA Scott Shriner appears in the music video for the band's cover of "We Are All on Drugs." Summer 2020 Youtube link to official "We Are All On Drugs" music video.
Berri Txarrak Matt Sharp contributes backing vocals to the Spanish, Basque-language band's song "FAQ." Sharp appeared live with the band in July of 2019. 2011 Youtube link to official "FAQ" music video (does not feature Sharp).
Cold Rivers Cuomo cowrote the band's most popular single, "Stupid Girl." 2002 Youtube link to the song's official music video, which does not feature Cuomo.
Juliana Hatfield Though he had played with Hatfield prior to joining Weezer, Mikey Welsh continued to contribute to albums of her's during and after his time in the band. This includes 2000's Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure (for which Welsh cowrote four songs) and the compilation album Gold Stars 1992–2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection. 1997-2002 Youtube link to Welsh performing live with Hatfield in 1997. Todd Philips was part of the backing band that night as well.
Panic! At The Disco Rivers Cuomo cowrote the second single for the band's fifth studio album, "Victorious." 2002 Youtube link to the song's official music video, which does not feature Cuomo.
Shufflepuck Rivers Cuomo sat in with the band live on April 8, 1995, when Shufflepuck opened for Weezer. April 8, 1995
Tegan and Sara Matt Sharp played bass on two of the duo's records - So Jealous and The Con. He has appeared with the band numerous times for live performances, many of which included covers of "Tired of Sex." 2004; 2007-2008 Youtube link to a performance of "Tired of Sex" from October 2008.
Rancid Pat Wilson sings back-up vocals on the band's album track "Damnation" from the record Let The Dominoes Fall. 2014 YouTube link to the audio of the track.
Ultra Sonic Edukators Brian Bell produced the band's debut album, though it is unclear if the record saw formal release. Unknown

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