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Photographer unknown
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1992-1995
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Label(s) Swine Song Records
Former Members
Ryan Lambert, Dan Schubarth, Duane Rakestraw, Scott Bushkin, Katurah Clarke

Loungefly is an alternative rock band formed in 1992. The band played small rock clubs in the Los Angeles area, appearing with Weezer at least five times. The band has been active on and off since then, with Dan Schubarth and Scott Bushkin as its most consistent members. Jon Pikus of El Magnifico collaborated with them as a mixer.


Shows played with Weezer

Date City Venue Other band(s) Bootleg(s) Concert Source
July 9, 1992 West Hollywood, CA The Central (Club Dump) Wayne, Crux, 12 & Counting Weezer concert: 07/09/1992 [1] [2]
July 18, 1992 West Hollywood, CA 8121 Room Wayne, 12 and Counting Weezer concert: 07/18/1992 [3]
March 3, 1993 Los Angeles, CA English Acid Hammerbox, Coat Weezer concert: 03/03/1993
May 30, 1993 Los Angeles, CA Gaslight Godseed, The Dark Archies, Christy McCool, Trojan Country Club, Shaft, Floor Thirteen Weezer concert: 05/30/1993
November 30, 1993 Los Angeles, CA Club Lingerie Floor 13, Delmar Brown & Bushrock Weezer concert: 11/30/1993

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