O. Flageul interview with Jason Cropper - January 26, 1999

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Web(?) interview with Jason Cropper
Publication O. Flageul
Interviewee Jason Cropper
Date January 26, 1999[1]
Title Jason Cropper Interview
Format Web(?)
External link Archived via Weezer Media Archive on Archive.org
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Jason Cropper Interview
Author: (O. Flageul)
Published: January 26, 1999

O. Flageul: Do you regret leaving Weezer?

Jason: No, because they paid me for what I did on that record just like if I was in the band, and on top of that, I didn't have to hang out with those guys anymore and we weren't really friends anymore when I left the band. So it was like I could stay and be with a bunch of guys that I hated or go out on my own and do my own thing and still make the money. So I don't regret it at all; I mean, maybe a little bit in that I could have, you know, been a bigger rock star or something, but, you know, I got to be with my family. I have a 5 year old daughter with my wife Amy who sings and co-writes with me in Chopper One and I don't regret missing out on Weezer stuff because it was always very difficult to work with those guys; they're very particular. It was very stressful and I was glad when it was over; it was a relief.

O. Flageul: So you are not friends with Rivers Cuomo?

Jason: I don't know if anyone is. I mean, he's not an easy person to be friends with. He's extremely talented and he makes great records and he writes great songs, but things like friendships or whatever just get in the way with him in making records and making songs; he's a professional, and it was a business relationship. It wasn't a friendship. And that's the funny thing about being in bands – a lot of times you're in bands with people who you're friends, a lot of times you're in bands with people where it's just for business and with him it was business. And what do they say in America about business -- they say "don't mix friendship with business"

O. Flageul: What is your favorite Weezer song?

Jason: Well obviously I like My Name is Jonas because I got to co-write that one. I think that Say It Ain't So is a fairly well written song. I like all the stuff on the first record. The second record is good, but I like the first record better. I like Say It Ain't So and My Name is Jonas

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