Other People's Pieces

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Other People's Pieces
Other People's Pieces cover
Studio album by Chilly Gonzales
Released November 11, 2018
Recorded various
Genre Various; Pop classical
Length 32:19
Label Gonzpiration; Gentle Threat

Other People's Pieces is a 2018 album by Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales. It features piano-driven covers of popular music, arranged and performed by Gonzales. Two tracks draw from Weezer's output: "Weezer Medley" and "Damage in Your Heart - Chilly Gonzales Version."


"Weezer Medley" is a solo-piano arrangement of both "Island in the Sun" and "Buddy Holly," with the main vocal melody of "Undone - the Sweater Song" utilized as a transition piece throughout. The cover of "The Damage in Your Heart" is arranged for voice and piano, with Gonzales singing a wordless "ah ah ah" version of the verse melodies before being joined on the chorus by another vocalist. That second vocalist and he then trade stanzas for the second verse.

Other People's Pieces' was mastered by Simon Lancelot at Studios Ferber.


No. Title Length
1. "Daft Punk Medley"   3:40
2. "Something About Us - Chilly Gonzales Version"   3:02
3. "Weezer Medley" ("Island in the Sun", "Undone - The Sweater Song," "Buddy Holly") 2:17
4. "Damage in Your Heart - Chilly Gonzales Version" ("The Damage In Your Heart") 3:30
5. "Drake Melody"   1:57
6. "Take Care Medley"   3:30
7. "Lana Del Rey Medley"   3:09
8. "Old Money - Chilly Gonzales Version"   4:11
9. "The Traveller - Chilly Gonzales Version"   3:47
10. "10:37 She's So Lovely Medley"   3:02
11. "Rap Piano Medley"   2:04
Total length:


"Weezer Medley"

"Damage in Your Heart - Chilly Gonzales Version"

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