Weezer Medley

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"Weezer Medley"
Weezer Medley cover
Cover by Chilly Gonzales
Album Other People's Pieces
Released November 11, 2018
Length 2:17
Label Gonzpiration; Gentle Threat
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Chilly Gonzales
Status Officially released
Stream Spotify
Other People's Pieces track listing
"Something About Us - Chilly Gonzales Version"
"Weezer Medley"
"Damage in Your Heart - Chilly Gonzales Version"

"Weezer Medley" is the third track off of Other People's Pieces, a 2018 covers album released by Chilly Gonzales.


"Weezer Medley" begins with an arrangement of the verse vocal melody from "Island in the Sun," followed by an interstitial transition referencing the verse melody of "Undone - The Sweater Song." This eventually segues into the verse melody of "Buddy Holly," followed by the chorus melody and final guitar fill. The song then ends with the same "Undone" verse melody reference.



  • Chilly Gonzales - piano

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