Please Remember

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"Please Remember"
Please Remember cover
Demo by Weezer
Album Alone II
Released Unreleased
Recorded February 1995 in Hamburg Germany
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 202
Producer Rivers Cuomo
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Oh Jonas (Maria's Theme)"
(RC# 201)
"Please Remember"
(RC# 202)
"Come to My Pod"
(RC# 203)
Alone II track listing
"Oh Jonas"
"Please Remember"
"Come to My Pod"
Alternate Cover
Songs from the Black Hole
Songs from the Black Hole
Songs from the Black Hole track listing
"She's Had A Girl"
"Dude, We're Finally Landing"
Songs from the Black Hole (Tracklist 2) track listing
"Oh Jonas"
"Please Remember"
"Come to My Pod"

"Please Remember" is a song written by Rivers Cuomo that was intended to be on the rock opera Songs from the Black Hole. It was released on Rivers' Alone II.



Leading on from Maria's feelings in "Oh Jonas", Jonas pleads with Maria to remember that he is only a friend and that he can't possibly settle down with her, just like he says in "You Won't Get With Me Tonight". Unlike that song however, Maria is stubborn and attempts to change Jonas' mind, who eventually succumbs.

"Please Remember" has been released on Alone II. The lyrics to the song were released by Rivers on his blog, but he failed to note the order in which they are sung. Karl Koch has since divulged that the song uses back and forth dialogue between Jonas and Maria much like "Who You Callin' Bitch?".


[Jonas] Please, remember I'm only a friend

[Maria] A friend who boinks me

[Jonas] You're too crazy to settle down with

[Maria] Then why lead me on?

[Jonas] I don't love you, but I can't help myself

[Maria] I'll make you love me

[Jonas] Please, Maria, it won't ever be

[Maria] I'll make you love me

[Jonas] I love you

[Maria] Love me

[Jonas] I do


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