You're the One

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"You're the One"
Outtake by Weezer
Recorded July-October 2004
at Grandmaster Recorders - Los Angeles, CA
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 754, 755
COR# 393
Producer Rick Rubin
Status unreleased

"You're the One" is an unreleased Weezer song originally recorded for Make Believe. It is part of the so-called Fallen Soldiers. It was previously referred to by the titles "Another Lover", "Pull on the Trigger", "Set Me Right" and "The Sweetest One of All", but it is unknown how much the "final" version of the song resembles those iterations.


The song, when it was still called "The Sweetest One of All", was demoed several times by the band in September of 2002 at the S.I.R. rehearsal studios. It was then recorded during the band's second attempt at making Make Believe, at Grandmaster Recorders in Los Angeles, CA. The sessions lasted from July 22 to October 22, 2004. It was one of 12 songs that Rivers Cuomo asked to band to only concentrate on, which he felt were the right songs for the album. Until early 2005, the song was designated to be the tenth track. Ultimately the song was excluded from the final track list for unknown reasons and remains unreleased to this day.
Karl Koch named the 11 songs that were finished but not used for Make Believe "The Fallen Soldiers".

Though the full song remains unreleased, a short, rough clip of the song can be heard on the "Making of Make Believe" Enhanced CD bonus featurette:


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