Sessions@AOL (2009)

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Sessions@AOL 2009
Sessions@AOL 2009 cover
Date October 22, 2009
Associated album Raditude
Guests Chamillionaire
Sara Bareilles
Kenny G
Allison Allport
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Sessions@AOL (2008) 'Sessions@AOL (2009)'

Weezer performed at AOL's West Coast studio in Beverly Hills, California on October 22, 2009.[1] The session included several celebrity guests.


Weezer performed five songs at AOL's West Coast studio to promote Weezer's then-forthcoming album, Raditude. On the song "I'm Your Daddy," the band was joined by American saxophonist Kenny G, who was instructed to perform a solo after the second chorus, which Kenny G improvised and performed in a single take.[1] The band was joined by singer-songer Sara Bareilles for a modified duet-version of the song "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To." Rapper Chamillionaire was flown in to perform on "Can't Stop Partying," as Lil Wayne (who sings on the album track) had pleaded guilty to gun possession charges days earlier. Chamillionaire reportedly wrote his own original verse hours before performing it.[1] The band covered "Brain Stew" by Green Day with Cuomo's friend Darin Goulet on piano, and was joined by Allison Allport on harp for the song "Butterfly."

Two of the sessions' tracks, "I'm Your Daddy" and "Brain Stew", were released on the 2010 EP Raditude ...Happy Record Store Day!. The harp rendition of "Butterfly" was released as a part of the digital charity compilation Download to Donate for Haiti in January 2010.

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