Some Days

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"Some Days"
Some Days cover
Album track by Matt Sharp
Album Matt Sharp (album)
Released 2004
Recorded 4212 Old Hillsboro Road, Leipers Fork, TN
Length 8:25
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Matt Sharp (album) track listing
"Before You Go"
"Some Days"

"Some Days" is the eleventh and final track from the eponymous debut album by Matt Sharp.





Lyric sheet made by Bryan Bos, with photographs by Sharp

Some days you're a leader
Some days you're not
You follow some idiot
Some days come a lot

Some days you're empty
Look at all you got
Who would've thought
You'd feel empty a lot?

Some days you're a preacher
Say what you got, it's enough
You recite your spiritual stuff
But some days you call your own bluff

Some days you're a trader
Some days you get caught
But I think you deserve what you got
The days you got caught

Some days you're a killer
Some days you're a cop
You watch your girlfriend get shot
Some days you watch

She cries for you,
But then she cries a lot
She cries if you're there
She cries if you're there or not

And some days you wanna get married
But some days you're drunk
You think some dumpy girl's the one
Some days you're drunk, yes

(Some days, some days)

Some days you're lost

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