Before You Go

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"Before You Go"
Before You Go cover
Album track by Matt Sharp
Album Matt Sharp (album)
Released 2004
Recorded 4212 Old Hillsboro Road, Leipers Fork, TN
Length 5:14
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp, Andy Wilkinson, Greg Brown, Josh Hager
Status Officially released
Matt Sharp (album) track listing
"After the Angels"
"Before You Go"
"Some Days"

"Before You Go" is the tenth track from the eponymous debut album by Matt Sharp. An extended version of the song was released as a b-side to the single release of "Just Like Movie Stars".





Lyric sheet made by Bryan Bos, with photographs by Sharp

For all your sadness searching, what can you show? (Are your eyes closed?)
Are those heights you hide from vertigo? (There's nothing below)
Where's the girl who paints her stairs like a rainbow (Rainbow... was she a cameo?)
Well, all the shame you're sharing, it's so old (Let it go)
(Let it go, before you go)
Where's everyone you love, everyone you know?

Everyone hits a low
Everyone you've met, everyone you know
Everyone falls; you're not alone
Give all your love before you go, ohh

All the people that you let down, let them know
You love them so (Everyone you love, everyone you know)
Kiss everyone you love, everyone you know
The angel that you met years ago, she was real, y'know
She'll return the next time you hit a low, before you go
All the choices that you made are ones you chose
And for all your sadness searching, what can you show?
Before you go

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