Steady Holiday

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Andrea "Dre" Babinski
"Holiday" cover album art
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 2006 - present
Associated acts Steady Holiday
The Elected
Label(s) Infinite Best Recordings
SideOneDummy Records
Barsuk Records
Website Official website

Steady Holiday is a Los Angeles-based indie-pop solo-act and the project of Andrea "Dre" Babinski. Steady Holiday released a cover of the Weezer song "Holiday" for Barsuk Records in 2019. Babinksi has publicly acknowledged Weezer as a "formative" influence.[1]

Babinski performed with Daniel Brummel as a member of The Elected, a group associated with former Ozma tourmates Rilo Kiley. She has a musician credit on the band's May 17, 2011 release Bury Me In My Rings.


Release Release date Label
Under The Influence June 24, 2016 Infinite Best Recordings
Terror EP June 24, 2016 Infinite Best Recordings
Nobody's Watching August 24, 2018 Barsuk Records
Take The Corners Gently February 12, 2021 Self-released
Newfound Oxygen February 17, 2023 Self-released

Coachella 2019

See Weezer concert: 04/20/2019

Rivers Cuomo interviewed Babinksi as part of a promotional video for Coachella in 2019.


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