Suzy Don't

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"Suzy Don't"
Suzy Don't cover
Album track by The Relationship
Album Clara Obscura
Released April 18, 2017
Length 2:12
Label Rebel Union Recordings/Lolipop Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell, Luther Russell
Producer(s) Nic Jodoin
Status officially released
Clara Obscura track listing
"Break Me Open"
"Suzy Don't"
"Hate That I Love You"

"Suzy Don't" is a song by The Relationship. It is Track 3 of their second album, Clara Obscura.


In the third episode of the podcast DeLong Robcast with Robert DeLong, released on November 19, 2020, guest Suzy Shinn confirmed that the song was named for her [1].




Please Suzy, don’t join that cult
They don’t have your best interests at heart
Look at those lies they tell
They seem so strange, I can’t explain

Dear Suzy, your identity
Disappears in their community
Today you feel so lost
In time, you’ll find they’re just as blind

I don’t see you no more
You always lock your door
Suzy, those ain’t your friends
Tell me, where does it end?

So who do you love more,
Me or that golden door?
Suzy, they want control
Don’t sign away your soul

Please Suzy, don’t join that cult
Those creeps don’t love you like I do
They’ll only use you for
Bizarre sex games, they’ll wash your brain
They act deranged, I can’t explain
So please, Suzy, don’t

Suzy, don’t

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