The Special Goodness concert: 07/08/1999

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The Special Goodness concert: 07/08/1999
Venue Tommy John's
Location Salem, OR
Date July 8, 1999
Supporting acts Napkin, The Special Goodness
Headliner Strychnine
Attendance 20
The Special Goodness live show chronology
07/06/1999 - Portland, Oregon 07/08/1999 - Salem, Oregon 07/22/1999 - Seattle, Washington

The Special Goodness performed at Tommy John's on July 8, 1999. The show was headlined by the Salem-based group Strychine, and also featured a performance by Napkin, who appeared at the previous Special Goodness show.


Pat Finn posted on the newsgroup the day after the show:[1]

hey folks. played in salem last night to about twenty people, but most of them were at the bar or hanging out in front with the headlining band: strychnine, from salem. this old dude in front was really into it, after the show he confided in me that we were really hard rock and that he liked it, then we exchanged hugs, it was a touching moment. it looked like zak from napkin videotaped some of the show. only after examining this tape will i be able to determine if we rocked. -p. finn

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