The Way I Hate You

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"The Way I Hate You"
The Way I Hate You cover
Bonus track by Weezer
Album SZNZ: Autumn
Recorded 2022
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer(s) Tyler Cole, Suzy Shinn, Daniel Omelio
Status Release forthcoming
SZNZ: Autumn track listing
"Run, Raven, Run"
"The Way I Hate You"
Vinyl-exclusive track

"The Way I Hate You" (or, possibly, "The Way I Hate You Now"[1]) is a bonus track exclusive to the vinyl releases of SZNZ: Autumn.



"The Way I Hate You" was considered for inclusion on Autumn until sometime in August 2022. According to Rivers Cuomo, the song was relegated to a bonus track for being "the weak link."[2] The song's title was discovered by fans in the database for a Weezer set list survey hosted on Rivers Cuomo's website in June of 2022.



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