Tastes Like Pain

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"Tastes Like Pain"
Tastes Like Pain cover
Album track by Rivers Cuomo
Album SZNZ: Autumn
Released September 22, 2022
Recorded 2022
Length 2:02
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Producer(s) Tyler Cole, Suzy Shinn, Daniel Omelio
Status Released
SZNZ: Autumn track listing
"Should She Stay or Should She Go"
"Tastes Like Pain"
"Run, Raven, Run"

"Tastes Like Pain" is the sixth track on SZNZ: Autumn.



Cuomo mentioned the song title "Tastes Like Pain" to users of the website Riverchat on April 7, 2021, indicating that he was reading a Wikipedia article about torture methods for the song.[1][2] Cuomo himself edited the page for "SZNZ" on Riverpedia to indicate that "Tastes Like Pain" was in consideration for SZNZ: Winter,[3] though the song ultimately appeared on SZNZ: Autumn. A snippet of the song was teased on September 20, 2022 as the solution for solving the day's puzzle on Cuomo's web game, Weezle.

Despite its appearance on the autumn-themed SZNZ album, "Tastes Like Pain" interpolates the melody from the Allegro non molto movement of the "Winter" (L'inverno) concerto from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.[4]




I hate me, I'm loser
I'm dummkopf, I'm stupid
I hate you, I'm sorry
I'm awful, I'm evil
Forgive me, I should be
Castrated, mutilated,
And stripped down
And burned at the stake

Compliments to the chef
It's good as it gets
But I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I just want this problem to go away

Sprinkle in a little self-hate
Drop a pinch of bottled-up rage
Mix it up and serve it on a plate
It tastes like pain, it tastes like pain
It tastes like pain, it tastes like pain
It tastes like pain
And I'm to blame, and I'm to blame
And I'm to blame

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