They Are Stupid

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"They Are Stupid"
Outtake by Weezer
Recorded July-October 2004
at Grandmaster Recorders - Los Angeles, CA
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 526
Producer(s) Rick Rubin
Status demo circulating
This song is part of the "They Are Stupid" (COR# 526) lineage of songs

"They Are Stupid" (formerly known as "Et Tu Brute" and "Over the Mountain") is an unreleased Weezer song originally recorded for Make Believe. It is part of the so-called Fallen Soldiers.


The song, when it was still called "Et Tu Brute", was first demoed acoustically by the band in July/August of 2003 at Rod Cervera's studio. During the band's first attempt at making Make Believe at Cello Studios in December of 2003, the song was not considered for the album. However, for 2 days late in the Cello session, Rivers Cuomo decided to record solo demos of many songs (including "Et Tu Brute") that had been dismissed in the weeks of pre-production. The likely purpose was to revisit the material to either insure it wasn't needed, or resurrect it for the album. Cuomo recorded another demo on February 6, 2004 at the S.I.R. rehearsal studio. Further "S.I.R. pre-production demos" recorded by Cuomo followed in May and June of 2004, first as "Over The Mountain", then as "They Are Stupid".

The final studio version of the song was recorded during the band's second attempt at making Make Believe, at Grandmaster Recorders in Los Angeles, CA. The sessions lasted from July 22 to October 22, 2004. It was one of 12 songs that Cuomo asked to band to only concentrate on, which he felt were the right songs for the album. According to the Recording History the song had turned into a "disco jam" at this point, complete with keyboard effects, walking bass lines etc. Until early 2005, the song was designated to be the seventh track. Ultimately the song was excluded from the final track list for unknown reasons and remains unreleased to this day. However, a Rivers demo from 2004 was on the storefront.

Karl Koch named the 11 songs that were finished but not used for Make Believe "The Fallen Soldiers".


I never seen such a group of total fools
I can't believe that you would think they're even slightly cool
See, baby you and them are on completely different levels
You are such an angel, and they are such devils
They only want the pleasure from living in the moment
They have not thought at all about the places they are going
I'm telling you that they will not amount to anything
And you will wish that you had never...

They are stupid
And you deserve so much better
Don't give in to them

I thought that you were the coolest from the start
The things you said and how you said 'em really moved my heart
You and I both listen to all the same bands
We read the same books, and we held eachothers' hands
But I can see you getting giddy when they come around
And seeing you excited makes me wanna put 'em down
'Cause you don't know what you are doing when you leave my side
But if you go for good, then I'll know at least I tried

They are stupid
And you deserve so much better
Don't give in to them

Don't go to the dark side
You will forget
All about me
When will I find
Somebody right

I guess if I think about it from your point of view
I can see why they are so attractive to you
But some day you may want something more from your life
And then you will look back and say
"Yeah he was right"

They are stupid
And you deserve so much better
Don't give in to them
They are stupid
And you deserve so much better
Don't give in to them
They are stupid
And you deserve so much better
Don't give in to them

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