Tokyo Police Club

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Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo police club.jpg
Background information
Origin Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Years active 2005 - present
Label(s) Saddle Creek, mom+pop
Band MySpace
Current Members
David Monks
Josh Hook
Graham Wright
Greg Alsop

Tokyo Police Club is an indie rock band from Ontario, Canada.


Tokyo Police Club formed in 2005. They began receiving attention a year later with the release of two EP's, A Lesson In Crimeand Smith, and a popular single, "Your English is Good." Their first proper album release came in 2008 with Elephant Shell, which included singles "Tessellate," "In a Cave," and "Your English is Good." "Champ" followed in 2010.

Weezer connections

The band covered "Friends of P." for 2008's Friends of P - Tribute to the Rentals. In the same year, the band toured with Weezer on the Troublemaker Tour. The band thanked Weezer for "letting us come on this tour" at several shows, even though they were often performing for a small portion of the audience that would arrive that night. At one Los Angeles-area show, lead singer David Monks brought out a camera and took a picture of the fans. Guitarist Josh Hook was brought on stage toward the end of Weezer's set to play "Troublemaker" with them at a few shows. They played their "Friends of P." cover on the last night of that show.


Studio albums

Year Title Label
2008 Elephant Shell Saddle Creek
2010 Champ mom+pop
Lead singer David Monks on the Troublemaker Tour in Los Angeles. Photo by Timothy Norris, October 14, 2008.


Year Title Label
2006 "Your English is Good" Paper Bag
2008 "Tessellate" Saddle Creek
2008 "In a Cave" Saddle Creek
2008 "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)" mom+pop


Year Title Label
2006 A Lesson in Crime Paper Bag
2006 Smith Paper Bag

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