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Trainwrecks cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Hurley
Released September 14, 2010
Length 3:21
Label Epitaph Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo & Desmond Child
Producer Rivers Cuomo & Shawn Everett
Status Officially released
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify
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Hurley track listing
"Ruling Me"

"Trainwrecks" is the third track on Hurley.



"Trainwrecks" is the first song that Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo wrote after his bus accident during the Raditude Tour in December 2009.



We sleep all day and rock the night
We just get up to start another fight
We kiss and then we bite
We are trainwrecks

You don't keep house and I'm a slob
You're freakin' out cause I can't keep a job
We don't update our blogs
We are trainwrecks

People love to tell us what to do
That's just ‘cause they're jealous of me and you

We're diggin' through the couch for cash
We're takin' cabs ‘cause both our cars are trashed
But we're still kickin' ass
We are trainwrecks, trainwrecks,
we're still kickin' ass
We are trainwrecks

We think it's uncool to be on time
Moochin' off our friends is not a Federal crime

Someday we'll cut our critics down to size
And crash a Diddy party in disguise
We fall but then we rise
We are trainwrecks
That's the story of our lives
We are trainwrecks, trainwrecks

That's the story of our lives
We are trainwrecks

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