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About me
My profile picture
If you see it at a profile, that profile is probably mine.
Icon - Globe.png I live in Ankara, Turkey.

I don't live in Germany. People usually mistakes as I live in there. Because of my profile picture is a Bavariaball. Also, my real name is not Otto too. But I use that as my name in the internet.

Aboutme - YouTube.png My YouTube channel is otto500206
Aboutme-DiscordLogo45pxsquare.png My Discord account is otto500206.
Aboutme-RedditLogo45pxsquare.png My Reddit account is u/Otto500206.
Aboutme-SpotifyLogosquare45px.png My Spotify account is Kaiser Otto VIII.
Icon - Sheet music.png I never have a one favorite song from all of my saved songs. Instead, I have a bunch of them.
Icon - OK Human.png My favorite Weezer album is OK Human.
Aboutme-FlyingW45pxsquare.png My favorite Weezer song is Anonymous.
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am PRO-moustache.
Aboutme-KeaneLogo45pxsquare.png My favorite band is Keane.
Aboutme-PitchHate.png I don't like Pitchfork Media.

Welcome to my user page.

Who am I?

How did I became a Weezer fan?

I first saw Weezer at Cars 2 soundtrack and Muppets: The Green Album. One day, while I was searching at my Spotify account for new artists to listen, I found You Might Think again. Then I listened The Black Album and loved it. After that, while looking to r/weezer I found Weezerpedia. As a person that is great on finding mistakes, things that can be added to wikis or needs to be updated, I started to be a contributor of there.

What do I do at my free time?

I live at my PC. Yes. I'm not joking. I always use my PC if I'm at my house and not studying for the damn university exams. I know a lot things. In fact, I love to learn new things so much and this makes me a "jack of all trades master of none". I'm not going to list what I do in my free time, because of this reason. To say shortly, I work on many things.From making CK2 mods to doing music at FL Studio (I'm not great at it for now tho.). I even have a Youtube channel which I post short clips from longer Youtube videos.(I currently only work for the university exams, fuck the education system of Turkey.) I do all of them from my PC.

Fun fact: If there was a Keanepedia, I would be the most contributed contributor of that wiki.

on Weezerpedia

Some of the things I did (Expand to see.)
  • Youtube(The Duke of "This stream is viewable outside of North America.") and Spotify links.(The Duke of international relase links)
Aboutme - YouTube.png I'm the owner of LeakingBetsy.

  • Some images.
  • Updating inaccurate things.
  • Filling some of stub pages.
  • All of forgotten Scott & Rivers redirects. Except some Romaji.
  • Created many userblogs.
To do list (Expand to see.)


Why part is empty?

Bavariaball at 17 January 1328, when she was crowned as the Kaiserin of Holy Roman Empire, by the Papal Statesball
Background information
Birth name Scheyernball
Alias Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart Currently none. Lost her popularity twice.
Born 1020 (age 1004)
Died November 13, 1918, executed by Prussiaball. (But resurrected back by an necromancer, the West Germanyball at 1949.)
Origin Scheyern, Bavaria, Holy Roman Empire.
Occupation(s) Professional DAW FL Studio user, State in Germanyball, Beer factory fabricator
Years active 1756–present
Instrument(s) Keyboard, sometimes guitar and drums, also formerly piano.
Associated acts Spider Murphy Gang, formerly Electors of HRE(Forced to disband after tra(WTF, why are you trying to censor my infobox Germany?)gic series of executions.)
Website [1] [2]
Notable instrument(s)
Her G513 Apex 5

Never stop trying to exist, never stop doing something.

-Author of her infobox.

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