Weezer TV appearance: 08/25/1994

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Weezer TV appearance: 08/25/1994
Weezer TV appearance: 08/25/1994 cover
Still image of TV broadcast
Date August 25, 1994
Medium TV
TV show Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Network NBC
Venue Studio 6A, NBC Studios
Location New York, NY
Aired August 25, 1994
Tour bet. Split Tour and Blue Album Tour
Press SPIN interview with Rivers Cuomo - January 1995
Weezer live set chronology
8/15/94 - WHFS Washington, DC­ 08/25/1994 - Conan 08/31/1994 - KPNT St. Louis

Weezer performed "Undone - The Sweater Song" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on August 25, 1994. It was their first nationally-broadcast television appearance.


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brian did his best impression of a cub scout, wearing the requisite hat, as well as giving props to toronto based band tristan psionic, of which he is a huge fan. during the intro ad-libbed part, matt says "it's crazy, i know, we're on this show...whats going on tom" and rivers was saying "if he was a chick, i'd date her." who this he is, we don't know.

- Karl Koch, Historic event: 08/25/1994[1]



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