Weezer concert: 05/16/2009

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Weezer at the KROQ Weenie Roast

On May 16, 2009 Weezer performed at the KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta in Irvine, CA. This concert is sometimes refered to as "The Fail Show." It was at this concert that Weezer debuted their "Wuggies," customized Snuggies with Weezer written on them. This show was also broadcast live online for free by www.KROQ.com. Video footage of this show was used for the video of the "Kids/Poker Face" cover that was posted on Weezer's YouTube account on July 12, 2009. The audio, excluding lead singer Rivers Cuomo's introduction, was recorded in the studio during the Raditude sessions and eventually released as an iTunes pre-order bonus track. Weezer was initially scheduled to play the show's final spot, but the plan was changed somewhat last minute and Weezer was moved to the middle of the lineup.

Karl's Corner

Note: Karl Koch previewed the show with a post, but didn't provide a post-show recap.

....Folks, heres the new scoop - Weezer is headlining the KROQ Weenie Roast on May 16th, at Irvine Meadows in Irvine, CA! If you are or will be in SoCal at that time, clear your calendar and come on down to catch the first Weezer show since last fall! Of course Weenie Roasts feature a big list of bands (including Kings Of Leon, Jimmy Eat World...Silversun Pickups... Rancid... to name a few!) so theres plenty to take in... But particularly the Weez of course! Check Kroq.com for more details, as tickets will be going onsale May 7th only at livenation.com!

Booklet from the show featuring an interview with the band.

Fan reaction

This show received particularly negative reviews from fans on Albumsix.com. The band posted several updates to their twitter that built up sizable hopes for the show, calling the plans for the show "epic." Fans predicted announcements of Weezer's then-upcoming seventh album, a preview of some kind of their tour with blink-182, the live performance of new songs, and much more. KROQ was streaming the concert online, and this gave all these anxious fans a front row seat for the "epic" plans. The plans ended up being the debut of the "Wuggie," which infuriated many Albumsix members. Some of these fans expressed their disappointment by nicknaming this concert "The Fail Show." It's set list has been referred to as a "Six Hits set list."

  • The following comments were posted on www.Weezer.com:
    • not that nothing was happening up until Weezer rolled around in their leopard-skin snuggies...but once they hit the stage..IT WAS ELECTRIC! ...and Rivers wasn't burdened with a guitar for a while, so we finally saw him giving it his all...he makes the SEXIEST front man! How that man ever thought he was a geek is the mystery of the century! Now all the horny girls in the audience were panting for Caleb out of the Kings of Leon, but we MATURE HOT LADIES (Not Cougars) know that Caleb may be a sweet, sweaty Southern stunner, But Rivers is the TOTAL PERFECT PACKAGE! That homie got it all the moves, the mojo, the looks, the sexy gaze, the innocence...he can sing, he can dance, I bet he can make "romance.."OMG-I'm on Weezer overload! Time to cool off and wait for that awesome Blink/Weez package to arrive in Sept. -Gail P.
    • hey will there be any official videos or are there any available now cause all i can find are cameraphone ones -ismaithliomweezer
    • the show was amazing. i loved the entrance. starting off with undone was badass. first time i had seen rivers not playing guitar (who was the fifth player by the way?) i definately could have gone for an encore. why wasn't there one. there was totally time before the yeah yeah yeahs set. i think the crowd wasn't loud enough, but that's just my opinion. -patcallaghan
    • This concert was the greatest i've been to in a while. Your entrance was GREAT! loved the snuggies. the only thing i would have changed would've been me closer to the stage. i was on the lown =(. anyway, can't wait to see you and Blink back at the Verizon Amp. on September 17. WHOOOOOO! =w= -Bust_Rhymes_Real_Slow
    • Wow. Entrance was awesome. =w= was amazing as always. I was hoping that they would end it with My Name Is Jonas but they didn't ): -xradxpinkx
    • there was a different drummer but i didn't catch his name. he played drums on about half the songs. pat was on guitar and rivers was finally rocking out. it took him like 15 years but i'm really glad to see him having fun and engaging the audience -Eric T
    • Can any comment on the line-up for the weenie roast? Was Josh Freese on the skins again and if so, for how long? -itsoknoma
    • i wasn't aware of the lineup change so i was surprised when you guys took the stage at 5:30. it was kind of a disappointment to see you go on so early because you were definitely the best band on the bill. EVERYONE was on their feet! but i have to say that you guys played the best song of the entire show. your medley-cover of MGMT's "Kids" and Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" was freaking awesome. for those of you who haven't seen it youtube that video now. it's great. best KROQ Weenie Roast ever. definitely the best lineup ever! P.S. Rivers...remember it's 2009 -Eric T
    • holy shit!!!!! you guys were amazing and totally should have kept going... when we were waiting like 10 min. for the yeah yeah yeahs you guys should have come back out. i thought that you were gonna but then you didnt.:( you were the best band there by far. -ksun27
    • Great show and a great performance! Anybody know why the schedule changed? I liked the idea of them playing before Travis, but it was still really good. And I think we were all hoping for at least one more (or ten) songs but every minute was great. Definitely the most crowd pleasing performance of the day. -balut228
    • Weezer was amazing! They had the entire place on their feet. I did not see one person sitting and by the end of their act everyone was chanting "Weezer Weezer...." It was great can't wait to see them this summer. So happy they sang The Good Life"! -Leticia_85
    • I just got back from the show and had a great time! The only bad part is that they didn't play for longer. That part was too sad! Overall, Weezer NEVER lets me down when I see them in concert. Hey guys, what's up with the snuggies/slankets? Karl, is there any chance you'll be posting the cover of MGMT and Lady Gaga that they performed at the show? -suumcuique2
    • Show was great. The band seemed to enjoy it. I was kinda hoping for something relating to the new album. Announcement, a new song played ( I mean it is kroq), It sucks not knowing whats going on. Otherwise nice show. Really enjoyed the good life and PS! -Dantheorganplayer
    • C'mon Karl, give us some info about the new album. When are we gonna get our first taste of "In the Mall"? -Ringer7
    • Yeah so I didn't win tickets oh well. I wonder if they'll play a smaller show later in the year...or another free one @ jimmy Kimmel!!! But I guess they only play there if they're promoting something... A free show ANYWHERE would be nice :) -LittleMexiGwen
    • i'm not attending, so i guess i'll be listening on the podcast. ='(( -mandy500
    • The new lineup is very surprisingly unshocking, especially with Josh Freese behind the skins. The man is a monster on the drums and i hate to think that if this lineup style continues and Freese is replaced due to his commitments with Devo, it will be less badass. How about some tidbits for us Karl? -itsoknoma


1:30pm Big B
2:00pm Anberlin
2:30pm Asher Roth
3:00pm Hollywood Undead
3:30pm White Lies
4:00pm Cage the Elephant
4:30pm The Airborne Toxic Event
5:00pm Silversun Pickups
5:30pm Weezer
6:30pm Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7:10pm Jimmy Eat World
8:00pm Kings of Leon
8:50pm Rancid
9:30pm TRV$DJ-AM

Set list

  1. "Undone - The Sweater Song"
  2. "Hash Pipe"
  3. "Troublemaker"
  4. "Island in the Sun"
  5. "Say It Ain't So"
  6. "Perfect Situation"
  7. "The Good Life"
  8. "Beverly Hills"
  9. "Buddy Holly"
  10. "Kids/Poker Face" (MGMT/Lady Gaga cover)
  11. "Pork and Beans"