Weezer concert: 08/01/1993

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Weezer concert: 08/01/1993
Tour Pre-Blue Album club dates
Venue The Roxy
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date August 1, 1993
Supporting acts That Dog, The Hangmen, Dox Haus Mob
Debuts "In the Garage"
"Buddy Holly"
Weezer live show chronology
06/07/1993 - Los Angeles, CA 08/01/1993 - West Hollywood, CA 11/30/1993 - Los Angeles, CA

Weezer performed at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA on August 1, 1993, as one of their many concerts before the release of the Blue Album. That Dog, The Hangmen, and Dox Haus Mob also performed at this show. The concert was held for "Locopalookaz", a event staged to help Children's Hospital Los Angeles.[1][2]


This show is known as Jason Cropper's last performance with Weezer, as the group would head to New York City to record The Blue Album seven days later. It also marks the debuts of "Buddy Holly" and "In the Garage", the latter being their first use of a harmonica in a live performance.[1]


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Only "Buddy Holly" and "In the Garage" are known to have been played at this concert, though its likely they would have played mostly songs from The Blue Album.

Historic event

See Historic event: 08/01/1993

This show was a benefit for Children's Hospital in L.A. that was dubbed "Locopalookaz", a reference to the Lollapalooza festival, due to the large number of L.A. area bands on the bill. The show was actually at both the Whiskey a-Go-Go and the Roxy, with the set times being staggered so people could walk back up and down the block and not miss the bands they wanted to see.

The setlist for this show is unknown aside from that the new songs "In the Garage" and "Buddy Holly" were both played live for the first time ever.

For in the Garage, Rivers debuted stage use of the harmonica (see photo), something that was used in 'Garage' and 'Jonas' for the first few months of the band's touring.

This show marked the first weezer show after getting signed, and was last weezer show before going to NYC to record the Blue Album. Therefore, this was the last weezer show that original rythym guitarist Jason Cropper played. The show was heavily attended by industry types including Geffen Records staffers and the bands then-lawyer, Jamie Young.
- Karl Koch



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