Weezer concert: 11/26/1994

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Weezer concert: 11/26/1994
Tour Blue Album Tour
Venue Blind Mellons
Location Buffalo, New York
Date November 26, 1994
Associated album The Blue Album
Supporting acts Tugboat Annie
Weezer live show chronology
11/23/1994 - Upper Darby, PA 11/26/1994 - Buffalo, NY 11/27/1994 - Rochester, NY

Weezer performed at Blind Mellons in Buffalo, New York on November 26, 1994 as part of the Blue Album Tour.[1] Tugboat Annie opened for Weezer at this concert.[2]


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No. Title
1. "Buddy Holly"    

Historic event

See Historic event: 11/26/1994

Weezer plays in Buffalo, NY on the Blue Album Tour. This was their first headlining show after 3 months on the road opening for Live, and by now there was a fever pitch growing around the band, as their "Buddy Holly" video and single had started to catch fire. This show was at the rather rundown "Blind Mellons" club near the Buffalo airport, which had a pretty cool outdoor stage, but as it was about 10 degrees that night, they played the cramped indoor stage. The show was sold out well beyond capacity, the room utterly packed with wild kids waiting to rock out. The temperature inside the club quickly rose to over 115 steamy degrees as the band played and the kids went crazy. Everyone got a huge system shock when they stepped outside into the arctic air after the gig. The opening act was probably local band Tugboat Annie (and/or the Dambuilders but this needs to be checked and confirmed). Photos by Karl's mom, who declined to join the mosh pit.

- Karl Koch


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