Weezer concert: 11/27/1994

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Weezer concert: 11/27/1994
Tour Blue Album Tour
Venue Horizontal Boogie Bar
Location Rochester, NY
Date November 27, 1994
Supporting acts The Dambuilders, Tugboat Annie
Weezer live show chronology
11/26/1994 - Buffalo, NY 11/27/1994 - Rochester, NY 11/28/1994 - Toronto, Canada

Weezer performed at the Horizontal Boogie Bar in Rochester, New York on November 27, 1994 as part of the Blue Album Tour. The Dambuilders and Tugboat Annie were the opening acts.[1]


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"My Name Is Jonas" and "Surf Wax America" were recorded at this concert and became B-sides for the single release of "Buddy Holly."

"These were recorded in Rochester, NY, at the Horizontal Boogie Bar, on 11/27/1994, while an ice storm raged outside. Since the band had only recorded 4 studio b-sides, (including "Jamie" and the "My Evaline" experiment"), this created a b-side shortage by the time of the band's second single, "Buddy Holly". Weezer was in the midst of an endless "Blue Album" tour, which necessitated b-sides having to be "flown in" from live and acoustic performances."

- Karl Koch, Weezer (The Blue Album) Deluxe Edition liner notes


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