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For the =W= logo, see Flying =W=.
Classic Weezer Font
Pinkerton Era Variation
Green Album Era Variation (Century Gothic)
Raditude/Hurley era variation ('classic font' with a 3D stroke)
The Flying =W=, another logo just as recognizable by Weezer fans

The Weezer logo first appeared on the cover of The Blue Album, and has adorned the vast majority of recordings released by Weezer since then, as well as all manner of merchandise and band-related swag.


The classic presentation of the band's moniker is in all lower case characters of a custom font. This font is very similar to both Futura Medium and Century Gothic, though with slight variations in the w, e and r. It is so close, in fact, that for years, many Weezer fans had accepted Century Gothic as being the official font. Karl Koch has gone on record claiming that the font used is Futura Medium, but a keen eye can spot the differences on the previously mentioned characters (Futura Medium may have been used as the basis for the final custom font).

Other official fonts

There are only very few instances in which the band's name has been - officially, at least - presented in a font other than their official custom font. Most of these instances were during the Pinkerton era, when the original logo was supplanted by a font that had a hand-written feel to it. However, the all-lower case rule remained in effect. A good example of this is the cover of "The Good Life" single. Later, someone at Geffen made a mistake when creating the cover for The Green Album, and used Century Gothic instead of the normal Weezer font. Koch has gone on record as saying that this upset him greatly.

Album cover changes

Weezer's albums have followed an interesting trend, changing logo fonts every time a new bass player arrives. The Blue Album and Pinkerton both use the original wordmark logo (Matt Sharp on bass for both albums), The Green Album uses Century Gothic (Mikey Welsh replaces Sharp), and Maladroit marked the return to the original wordmark logo (with the arrival of Scott Shriner on bass). The Lion and the Witch, Make Believe, The Red Album, and Raditude have all used the original wordmark logo (all with Scott Shriner on bass). The cover art for Hurley doesn't have any text, but a sticker placed on the CD case features the classic wordmark logo. The cover for Death to False Metal is also missing Weezer's logo in any form, the only text being the album's title.

Fan-created font

One enterprising fan, Greenless, went so far as to create a more accurate font, dubbed Weerez.ttf, using vector art taken from a Make Believe press release as well as art taken from the 2010 Hurley/Pacsun t-shirt design contest. This font also contains a key command that creates the Flying =W= symbol, and other special characters. This font can currently be downloaded at the allthingsweezer multimedia gallery (current version of the font is called "Weerez_Hurleygate.ttf").

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