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Tribute album by
Released June 27, 2013
Format digital
Genre Alternative rock
Length 29:58 chronology
Allthingsweezer Boardie Tribute Album IV
Allthingsweezer .com - Nine Covers
Allthingsweezer Post-Red Tribute
(2014) - Nine Covers is a volume of the AllThingsWeezer (formerly Albumsix) boardie collaborative albums (described as Volume 4½), comprised of nine Weezer fan covers.


No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Mansion of Cardboard"  Jonas5000 3:00
2. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Outpost Zeta X 1:41
3. "Love Explosion"  lazrpo1nt3r 3:57
4. "The End of My String"  Brain Seltzer 2:34
5. "Teenage Victory Song"  maltjik 4:00
6. "Brightening Day"  Running Monk 3:41
7. "I Can Love"  asilentq 3:55
8. "Island in the Sun"  blasman 3:43
9. "I Admire All My Insect Friends So Much (I Admire You So Much/All My Friends Are Insects mashup)"  noobcakesmcgee 3:18

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