Flight of Yuri Gagarin

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"Flight of Yuri Gagarin"
Flight of Yuri Gagarin cover
Song by Ozma
Album The Doubble Donkey Disc
Released 2001
Length 2:24
Label Kung Fu Records
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Daniel Brummel
Jose Galvez
Producer(s) Bruce Witkin
Status Officially released
The Doubble Donkey Disc track listing
"Flight of Yuri Gagarin"
"No One Needs to Know"

This song is part of the "Landing of Yuri Gagarin" lineage of songs

"Flight of Yuri Gagarin" is the first track from The Doubble Donkey Disc.



This song is notable for the balalaika used throughout the song, and for band member Star Wick playing flute. The marching sound effect that was taken from the Civilization game series.[1] This song started its life as the Commuter Music song "Afterschooldays Hopfence Pooldays".



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[Translated from Russian:]
"Astronaut, cosmonaut, round them up, best we've got
Once they're out way too far, beam us shots of the stars

Return me back to you, return me back to you"

Astronaut, send us up
Once I'm out, I'll beam you shots
As long as you, will turn me back to you

Cosmonaut, best you got
Way too far, from the stars
Promise to, return me back to you

Bum bum bum bum bum ba-dum ba-bum bum bum bum bum

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