Historic event: 02/22/1993

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weezer show #42: acoustic set at Molly Malones, L.A.

...this was the 42nd weezer show, and the 7th of weezer's early acoustic sets. Molly Malones is an Irish pub style bar located on Fairfax in L.A., where live music is often on the bill. This was a raucous night in general, with bands and patrons mixing it up in Irish Pub revelry. Pat Wilson recalls: "After the set we're hanging out at the bar just being stupid. That was the first time I was ever aware that it was *us* who was being the "jerks" in the situation. You know how when theres a bunch of loudmouths sort of getting on everyone's nerves? Well i could suddenly tell - we were "those guys" that night."

setlist: unknown.

there are no known pictures or flyers from this show.

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