Historic event: 02/19/1993

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cancelled show

On this day a show was planned for the Whiskey. The Muffs, who had been recently signed to Warner Brothers [?], were coming to play what was rumored to be a major show. Of course, every band in town tried to get on the bill, weezer included. The bill looked very cool when the dust settled, with weezer to be joined by both That Dog and Magpie [who contained future Rentals Rod Cervera and Cherilynn Westrich]. Then, almost at the last minute, the Muffs pulled out and the Whiskey swapped the whole show over to a completely different line-up. So it goes. This would have been the first meeting of weezer and That Dog, however they fortunately would meet the very next day on 2/20 at the Music Machine.

...nice Brian Bell art for a show that was not to be...
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