Historic event: 03/10/1992

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pre-show nonsense

the countdown to the first weezer show was on. The band was practicing whenever possible, but were renting rooms by the hour in hollywood, while Rivers Matt and Justin Fisher [now of Psoma and Nerf Herder] searched for a house to rent with a garage to practice in. Soon they would stumble upon 2226 Amherst, whose garage was transformed into what became known as "The" Garage. As in "In The Garage".

3-10-92: Clowning in the apartment of P. Finn, K. Koch, and T. Hasegawa, who along with Finn was Rivers's karate school companion. Here he pretends to behead Rivers. This apt., located at 1443 N. Fuller in Hollywood, was in a huge building, and there were many rock
neighbors, including bands Wax and White Zombie. Pat Wilson also lived both next door and in this apt in '92 and '93. Darrin Pfiefer of Goldfinger also lived in this apt. in late '92, as did original weezer guitar player Jason Cropper for a while.
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