Historic event: 04/27/1993

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weezer records again at Loyola Marymount University, L.A.

Sessions at Loyola Marymount University, (L.A.) Spring 1993


After the first sessions on 4/15 with Dale Johnson, a classmate of Dale's asked the band to come back, for her own final project. The second time, they recorded various takes of "Lullaby for Wayne" and "My Name is Jonas". Once again, the students had to select microphone placement and recording techniques. The music was recorded "live", each microphone assigned to its own track. There were no overdubs.

Dale says: "I hooked them up with another classmate of mine named Sharon when she didn't have a band lined up at the last minute. I tried to get her That Dog (who was the other band I really wanted to record) but they couldn't get it together in time so I figured the Weezer guys would be down with coming back for a second time."

The band decided to try and get 2 songs down on tape. The idea at the time was to pair "Jamie" from 4/15 with the new recording of "Jonas" for a indie 7". Unfortunately, this project never materialized, but it was for a good reason: they didnt need an indie 7" anymore, as of July 1993 they were signed to DGC.

LMU #2: 4/27/93

My Name Is Jonas (number of takes is unknown)
Lullaby For Wayne (number of takes is unknown)

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