Historic event: 10/20/1991

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First Sixty Wrong Sausages practice

Sixty Wrong Sausages was the first band to unite Rivers, Pat and Jason Cropper [the original other guitar player before Brian Bell]. The band was the brainchild of Pat Wilson and Patrick Finn, who rounded out the foursome. The band played a combo of Patrick Finn songs, Pat Wilson songs, and Rivers songs. All 3 of them switched off on lead vocals depending on which song it was. Rivers played the drums when Pat Wilson came up to lead on a song.

Stylisticly, the band was a bit confusing, but there were some killer tunes. From the near-metal/grunge assault of "Answer Man" and "Burn My Bridges", to the frenetic salsa-funk of "Sherrif Wong" and "Crayon Man" to the straight Pixies-like "Workplace", to the amalgamated freakouts of "Tennis Ball" and "Been Gi", there was something for everyone, but only for those who could handle a lot of curve balls.

60 Wrong Sausages had decided to record a demo first, then practice and play shows. This wasnt the usual formula, and it met with mixed results. The demo was called "The Cholesterol E.P.", but it was never distributed.

Practice #1: 10/20/91
Practice #2: 10/26/91
Practice #3: 10/28/91
Practice #4: 11/03/91
Practice #5: 11/09/91
Practice #6: 11/13/91
Practice #7: 11/20/91
Show: Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma CA, 11/29/91
Practice #8: 12/04/91

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