I Want a Dog

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"I Want a Dog"
Album track by Weezer
Album SZNZ: Winter
Released December 21, 2022
Recorded 2022
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status Release forthcoming
Live debut September 19, 2022 in West Hollywood, CA
This song is part of the "I Want a Dog" lineage of songs

"I Want a Dog" is a song from Weezer's forthcoming EP, SZNZ: Winter.



Cuomo mentioned the song title "I Want a Dog" to users of the website Riverchat on April 15, 2021, indicating that it was planned for the winter-themed segment of Weezer's forthcoming 2022 album project, SZNZ. Cuomo asked users, "I've release[sic] piece of the pie, right? Does the verse melody and chords exist on any later weezer album? I want to use it for winter's i want a dog."[1] The final song, however, bears no apparent similarities to "Piece of the Pie." The song's bridge does, however, appropriate a melody previously used in the song "Still Dreaming," from the film The Space Between.

Weezer (under the Goat Punishment moniker) performed SZNZ: Winter in its entirety (including "I Want a Dog") at a secret show in West Hollywood on September 19, 2022, months ahead of the EP's release.

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Rivers Cuomo beautiful triplet melody on the pian.mp3 20112014(?) 1:03 Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years Bridge melody for "I Want a Dog."
Rivers Cuomo beautiful triplets.mp3 20112014(?) 1:21 Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years Bridge melody for "I Want a Dog." Removed from Alone XI on November 25, 2020
Weezer I Want a Dog 2022 SZNZ: Winter



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I want a dog
To curl up beside me
I want a dog
Cuz he would keep me company
I want a dog
Cuz he would look out for me
Cheer me up
When I don’t think I’ll make it

I want a dog
Cuz he’d try to lick my face
And he would smile
When I get home to my place
I want a dog
Cuz sometimes humans hold it all inside
I need to feel connected

I live in a prison
There’s nothing here for me
A sink and a toilet
A flickering bulb
I made the wrong choice
Now I must pay the price
Trapped in my body
And my own mind

I want a dog
To lead me to the backyard
And fetch the ball as if he was my lifeguard
I want a dog to softly walk beside me
Guide me home
I wish I had a dog

We’re keeping score
We are all rational agents
We make our deals
To try to get more famous
I made my bed
Now I am gonna lie in it
That’s what I get
I just wish I had a dog

I want a dog

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