Jason Cropper concert: 06/25/2021

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Jason Cropper concert: 06/25/2021
Jason Cropper concert: 06/25/2021 cover
Venue The Fireside Lounge
Location Alameda, CA
Date June 25, 2021
Supporting acts Pamela Parker
Jason Cropper live show chronology
11/06/2020 - Oakland, CA 03/19/2021 - Oakland, CA 06/25/2021 - Alameda, CA

Jason Cropper performed as The Jason Cropper Band at the Fireside Lounge's Al Fresco Dining Park in Alameda, California in celebration of Cropper's 50th birthday. The band co-headlined with Pamela Parker. This is the first time The Jason Cropper band would perform in front of a physical live audience since the COVID-19 global pandemic.


No. Title
1. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"/"Only in Dreams"/"Undone - The Sweater Song" (Weezer cover medley)  
2. "Lesser God's Daydream"    
3. "Magic Spark"    
4. "Indie Rockin' Queen"    
5. "Yes You Can"    
6. "Dancing With You"    
7. "Humble Shack"    
8. "Goodness Knows"    
9. "Clever Trick"    
10. "Good Advice #14"    
11. "Say It Ain't So" (Weezer cover)  


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