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Karl's Corner - 02/09/2010

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2010/02/09 Bonnaroo!!!

2010/02/09 Bonnaroo!!!

...People, heres the scoop - Weezer is playing the 2010 Bonnaroo festival, coming June 10-12 in Manchester, TN! Tickets are going onsale at www.bonnaroo.com at 12PM EST! Weezer is playing on the 12th. Also on bonnaroo.com, fans can get the full lineup as it develops, details on the festival and an interactive community with other people attending the festival. But most importantly to you and I, weezer will be there!

...REMINDER: New Weezer Track "The Rat Race" avail via donation to TargetCancer!
***New Weezer song "the Rat Race" (and many other great songs by other artists including Ween and The Donnas) available at http://www.righttracktunes.org/ for a minimum .99 cent donation each!***

Reminder: Rivers did an interview with CapCom's Games Radar podcast. Rivers' part starts at 31:30 into the podcast.