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Karl's Corner - 04/15/2010

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2010/04/15 Halifax! Minneapolis, Montreal!

2010/04/15 Halifax! Minneapolis, Montreal!

...MORE summer shows keep coming in, and yes there are still more to come! Today we are very pleased to announce Weezer playing at the Halifax Rocks Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Weezer has NEVER been to any of the Maritime Provinces before, so this is major stuff indeed. In fact Halifax is the hometown of Sloan, whose A+R guy Todd Sullivan signed Weezer to Geffen Records back in '93. Weezer opened for Sloan at L.A.'s Jabberjaw that spring, and before the show they showed us their tourbus. When weezer saw that bus...

well anyway heres the dealio:
Weezer at Halifax Rocks, 7/24/10. Tickets go onsale tommorrow, 4/16!

...Also please note these additional weezer dates have been announced over the last few days!

7/9 – Minneapolis, MN – Basilica Block PartyOn sale now!
8/1 – Montreal, CAN – Osheaga FestOn sale now!

...This coming Saturday April 17th is National Record Store Day, where the remaining 'real' record shops in the country are given special exclusive releases from all kinds of artists and labels, in both cd and vinyl. For the 2010 Record Store Day, Weezer will be offering a special limited edition CD that will contain 5 exclusive live tracks from recent performances, and will be limited to a few thousand copies, available only at your friendly neighborhood (and sadly endangered) "brick and mortar" record shops. the Special Record Store Day CD will include:
I'm Your Daddy (Featuring Kenny G)
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Featuring Sara Bareilles)
Why Bother (Live in Tribeca at the PC Richard and Son Theater)
Brain Stew
Buddy Holly (Acoustic at the Hard Rock in New York City)