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Karl's Corner - 04/30/2010

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2010/04/30 College Park MD: U of M ArtAttack XVIII, Byrd Stadium

2010/04/30 College Park MD: U of M ArtAttack XVIII, Byrd Stadium

...Todays show was at the glorious University of Maryland campus in College Park, filled with glorious University of Maryland students who were mostly not from College Park. This show was part of the "Art Attack" annual arts and music festival that the University puts on each year. While improv comedy troupes did 24 hour marathons in the grassy commons, others, more inclined to rock and roll, proceeded to the Capitol One Field at Byrd Stadium to witness 3 bands play. First was Ivy Rose, a group of local high school girls who won a battle of the bands contest to be able to open the show. They rocked out in a punk pop style. Then came Ben Folds, without the "5", just him and his piano and great tunes. Then came weezer, and the crowd was more than ready for them. Massive waes of energy came off the crowd, and Rivers and the men dealt it back in spades. Fun times for all.

...Prior to the show, I went over to the studios of WMUC, the local college station, and did a strange blend of weezer-related interview and extremely freeform DJ-ing that included on the fly remixes of James Gang, Osmonds, Lighnin Hopkins and Etta James, pulled from the stations massive vinyl LP library. All blended with absolutely no plan or technique. It was a lot of fun, and thant Adam and all the WMUC kidz for a great time.




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